Scheduling a Massage

Student Massage Clinic in May

As part of our curriculum we hold a Student Clinic each May.

April is the month to call or email us to place your name and phone number on a waiting list. Students will call in May for scheduling a one-hour Swedish Massage.

Appointments are scheduled and held on Wednesdays and Fridays ONLY throughout the month of May!

Appointment Times Are:

Morning: 8:30 A.M. and 10:30 A.M. Only
Afternoon: 12:40 P.M. and 2:30 P.M. Only

Cost: $10.00 Cash Only
Tips: Tips are accepted, but not required; All tips will be placed in a tip jar and donated to a designated charity.

Please email or call us if you would like to have a student contact you for an appointment. Ext. 10 will take messages for the Student Clinic.
Speak clearly, leave your full name, and include the area code with your phone number.

Phone: (765) 724-9152 Ext 10      Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (765) 724-4581 to cancel appointments

There is no guarantee that you will be contacted to schedule an appointment. Times are limited. It is important for our class that you are on time; Late arrivals may need to be rescheduled. We appreciate 24 hours notice of cancellation. No shows will not be rescheduled.

There will be 1 follow-up appointment scheduled, after 1 follow-up appointment we suggest that you call the school for a graduate in your area for any future appointments. This change in policy allows more people to schedule appointments and take part in the Student Clinic.

What to expect: Allow 1 hour and 30 minutes per session (30 minutes for dressing and filling out forms).

Loss or Damage: We have lockers for your valuables. If you choose not to use them, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Requirements: Male Clients are required to wear undershorts; Female Clients are required to wear under panties. (No thongs allowed)

Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics
809 S. Harrison Street
Alexandria, Indiana