Swedish Massage FAQ

Q. What is the official definition of Massage Therapy?

A. Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes.

Q. What do Medical Physicians think of Massage Therapy?

A. Massage has been defined by Medical Authorities as "A term which is used to signify a group of systematic scientific manipulations of body tissues, which are best performed by the hands for the purpose of affecting nervous and muscular systems and the general circulation.

Q. What are the recommendations for Massage Therapy?

A. Scientific Massage is recommended as a reliable, professional effort for restoring the function to muscles and joints, improving circulation and general body tone, as well as for relief of mental and physical fatigue.

Q. How do I know if I have a qualified Massage Therapist?

A. Many of our States realize the potential harm that may be done by an unqualified person and thus require a licensing procedure before a Therapist is allowed to practice. If this is not the case in your State, as yet, be sure you utilize the services of an A.M.T.A. member. Only the American Massage Therapy Association requires education of a high enough caliber to protect the client.

Q. If I want to become a Massage Therapist, how do I find a proper school?

A. Write or call the American Massage Therapy Association at the National Office: 820 Davis St. Ste 100, Evanston, Il 60201-4444; or Phone: (847) 864-0123. Ask for the most current list of approved Massage Therapy Schools. There are now thirty-six approved Massage Therapy schools throughout the United States and Canada. More are meeting the requirements and it should not be too difficult to find one in your area.

Q. Will Massage Therapists ever have the professional respect granted so readily to their European counterparts?

A. Only by educating the "People in Power" and the general public can this be obtained. It is sad that we must deal with these unjust attitudes, but a "New Day is Dawning" in the public awareness and we will be ready.