School Rules and Regulations

Please be aware: Rule infractions may result in dismissal and loss of clock hours.

  1. Class will begin promptly at the below times. If you need to change clothes, do so before class starts.
    Class times: Tuesday-Friday: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Attendance will be taken 1st and 2nd half of each day.
  2. If you will be absent or tardy, you must notify the Administrative Assistant and give a reason, if she is unavailable only leave your message on her ext. or it will be considered an unexcused absence. Call: (800) 622-8756 or (765) 724-9152 ext. 18. If you are absent/tardy, it is your responsibility to obtain information distributed during these hours missed. Have office staff check your personal mailbox.
  3. Please enter the classroom through the downstairs “Student” entrance door. If you are late, enter through the downstairs “Store/Student Clinic” door, then sign in at the office then sign in and clock in down stairs.
  4. If you are required to follow a Plan of Action due to low attendance, the plan must be followed as written and agreed upon to prevent being dropped from the program.
  5. Students must wear appropriate uniforms. Please wear comfortable closed toe/heel athletic shoes, as you will be on your feet while doing practicals. OSHA standards require closed toe/heel shoes. Proper undergarments are required, thongs & boxers are not allowed. (Examples will be discussed). Anyone inappropriately dressed will be sent home to redress and return in required uniform.  Time gone will be loss of class hours.

    Exceptions: Colored shirts are allowed if purchased through the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics.
    Uniforms provided by the school must be worn during class photos, Practical Exams and Student Clinic.

  6. Please observe proper decorum. Insolent or inconsiderate behavior towards school staff or fellow students will not be tolerated. Make yourself familiar with reasons for dismissal as stated in the student handbook. Be respectful of the Instructor, classmates and subject matter at hand.
  7. Wearing perfumes or colognes are strictly prohibited.
  8. The books in the library are for your use, treat them with respect. All books must be checked in/out with the librarian and due back in 1 week. You may check out books for an additional week if books are present for the transaction. Charges will apply to all late or lost books.
  9. Students must wear name tags at all times.  Failure to wear name tag will result in loss of clock hours.
  10. Seating is alphabetically assigned. If you need a designated seat due to visual or hearing problems notify the Director, otherwise; you must remain in your assigned seat.
  11. Bring and take home all provided books/materials to class each day.
  12. Be prepared to take notes.  Audio recorders are allowed.  Personal video recording is NOT allowed.
  13. Talking or whispering to students during class is prohibited; this interferes with the ability of all students to learn. Only one person will be allowed to talk at a time.
  14. You will receive ten minute breaks throughout the day and a 30 minute lunch break; these breaks are for you and the Instructors. If you have any business with the office, please do so before your last break of the day.
  15. Sleeping in class is strictly prohibited. If you fall asleep in class, you will be required to clock out and remove yourself from the classroom.  You will be allowed to clock in and return once you are able to stay awake.
  16. The mini-trampolines located downstairs are for your use to help energize yourself if feeling fatigued during lecture/videos. These are to be used with your shoes off and in a non-disruptive manner.
  17. You do not need permission to use the restroom, get a drink of water or bounce on a mini-trampoline. You do need permission for any other reason to leave the classroom.
  18. The school’s massage tables, chairs, lotions, creams, bottles and jars may not leave the premises.
  19. There will be no use of school phones. All electronic devises (i.e. cell phones, iPods, cameras, lap tops etc.) are not to be used in the school building.  Using non-approved electronic devices during class will result in a loss of 2 clock hours per offense.  If non-approved electronic devices are seen and/or used during assessments, automatic failure of the assessment will result.  Consistent failure to follow this rule may result in dismissal from the school. Every morning and afternoon a basket will be provided to collect these items until lunch and/or the end of the day. If you wish to use these items you must be outside on your personal time (i.e. breaks and lunch). If you are expecting a phone call, have it directed to the school office and you will be notifiedof the call.
  20. A closet is located in the downstairs classroom for coats, umbrellas, shoes, etc. Walkways are not to be blocked per fire code.
  21. Use designated disposal units for trash, dirty linens and women’s personal hygiene items.
  22. Alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons or firearms are not permitted on the premises. Upon suspicion, proper authorities will be notified.
  23. Lockers are located upstairs for personal belongings during practicals. Items must be removed daily.
  24. Smoking is prohibited in the building.
  25. Please recycle. Containers are located under the staircase for proper disposal.
  26. The refrigerator in the kitchen is for your use. Please remove items weekly. The refrigerator will be cleaned out each Monday.

Thank you in advance, for your cooperation and compliance. We wish you an enjoyable and productive learning experience.

Herb & Ruthann Hobbs, Administrator & Director of Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc.