Campus Crime & Safety Report

I. Geography: The following two properties are owned and controlled by the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. The properties are contiguous to one another and support our educational purpose. Both properties have public property that immediately borders them (sidewalks and streets). Both properties also have residential housing immediately adjacent to them.

  1. Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. (Main Campus) 809 South Harrison Street, Alexandria, IN 46001
  2. Alexandria School of Therapeutics, Inc. (Dormitory) 113 East 4th Street, Alexandria, IN 46001

II. Crime Statistics: See Crime Statistic Tables

  1. Criminal Offenses are shown on Table 1.1 and include offenses that occurred on-campus property, on-campus dormitory housing, non-campus property, and public property.
  2. Hate Crime Offenses are shown on Tables 2.1-2.3 and include crimes committed due to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, and national origin.
  3. VAWA Offenses are shown on Table 3.1 and include violence against women that occurred on-campus property, on-campus dormitory housing, non-campus property, and public property.

III. Campus Security Authorities: Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. does not have a campus police or security department. We have a Campus Security Authority who students can see to report criminal offenses. This person then ensures that proper authorities are notified of the offense, and that it has been properly documented; a sample of our incident form can be requested and is included in our office copy of the printed crime report.

  • Campus Security Authority, Amanda Miller, can be reached at 765-724-9152 ext, 10 or 17.
  • Herbert Hobbs, Administrator/CEO, is also available to receive reports of Criminal offenses; he can be reached at 765-724-9152.

IV. Statistics from Local Law Enforcement Agency: The Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics Inc. sends a letter to the Chief Ellis of the Alexandria Police Department requesting the required crime statistics for our two properties (listed above). Chief Matt Ellis is very prompt in returning the requested information via fax or mail; a copy of all correspondence is kept in this report binder.

1. Alexandria Police Department – 765-724-3222
    201 East Washington Street, Alexandria, IN 46001

V. The Daily Crime Log: The Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. does not have a security department therefore this section is not applicable to us.

VI. Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures: Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. is a very small campus. Our students attend class in one building; they have Instructional time in one classroom and Practical Instruction in another. Our classroom will only accommodate 28 students therefore a majority of all alerts will be given through verbal announcements. Below you will see our current policies and procedures for medical, fire, inclement weather, and evacuation emergencies. In all scenarios that require meeting in the East parking lot and in the case of severe weather requiring students to remain in the designated location (kitchen), the Instructor is required to take the attendance roster and verify who is present so that the First Responders know if we are missing any Students or Staff members. All notifications for all alerts are done without delay to ensure the safety of Students and Staff.

1.  Medical Emergency: In the event of a medical emergency an Instructor or Staff member should be notified immediately, if neither is available, dial 911.

2.  Fire Emergency: In the event of a fire, notify the nearest Instructor or Staff member, if neither is available, dial 911 and evacuate the building. Meet in the East parking lot located behind the building unless instructed otherwise.

3.  Tornado/Severe Weather: Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. has a storm radio in the School Office. Office Personnel will notify the Instructor of warnings and watches. In the event of inclement weather, the students will be directed to the kitchen where they will remain until given further instructions from the Staff.

4.  Evacuation: In the event that an evacuation is necessary, the Students will be notified by a Staff member and shown to the nearest exit. Upon exiting the building, we will meet in the East parking lot. In the case of bomb threats, gas leaks, or other scenarios that would prevent us from re-entering the building, we have arranged to walk the students to the Alexandria Martial Arts building to await further instruction from emergency personnel. If given approval by emergency personnel, we may opt to allow students to go home for the remainder of the day. Herbert Hobbs, Administrator, will make those decisions based on his communication with emergency personnel.

5.  School Delays and Closings: Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. is registered with Fox 59 and The CW4 to post all weather related school closings. Information can also be found at Fox59.com. Students are encouraged to set-up a buddy system with other classmates if they do not receive these channels or have internet access.

6.  Health (viral outbreaks, epidemics, etc): In the case of illness outbreaks, the Administrator, Herbert Hobbs, will address the students and provide all pertinent information. Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. takes a proactive approach to keep students healthy by using an ozone filter, providing hydrogen peroxide to wipe down toilet seats, and encouraging students to wash hands and use hand sanitizer. We also employ a cleaning service to disinfect the student’s desks, counter top surfaces, and mop floors with a bleach solution multiple times per week.

7.  Intruders: The Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. has a unique situation in that we have a retail health store that is open to the public and is within the school space. The public can only enter through one door; the other doors are locked from 8:10am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. In the event that we have an intruder, Laura Neeley, the retail associate/librarian is most likely to be the first person encountered. We are currently looking at how to implement a sounding system that Laura Neeley can use to alert others of the intruder so that they may exit the building. Once alerted, the Instructor will lead the students out the West door, which faces Harrison Street, and around the corner to the alley where they cannot be seen by the intruder via windows. Staff members upstairs will lock themselves into an office, dial 911, and await the all-clear from the police. If students are working upstairs, they will be taken to the school office and the door will be locked. Future plans that we hope to have in place within a three year time span are: panic bars installed on exterior doors, a switch at the cash register in the health store that can be flipped to silently alert the upstairs office and the downstairs classroom, a door chime and camera system for the downstairs area to signal when a person has entered the building via the health store door, and a walkie talkie unit to provide easier communication between downstairs and upstairs. If there has been a crime in the area (i.e. robbery), the Alexandria Police Department notifies us to completely lock-down the building to prevent the perpetrator from entering the school; we receive a second call when the threat is over.

8.  Staff Members: The following is a list of Staff members who the students have regular contact with and who would be the most likely to receive and or announce emergency situations. Every Staff member has access to an emergency bag that contains an updated Staff/Instructor roster with their cell phone numbers and emergency contacts, an updated Student roster with their cell phone numbers and emergency contacts, a building map showing the locations of fuse boxes, fire extinguishers, shut-offs for water & sprinkler system, location of gas meter, elevator equipment room, and also highlights the fire safety zone and tornado safety zone. The bag also includes a flashlight in case of a power outage.

  • Herbert Hobbs – Administrator
  • Ruthann Hobbs – Director of Education
  • Amanda Miller – Financial Aid Director
  • Jayne Miller – School Secretary
  • Laura Neeley – Librarian

9.  Drills: Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. perform Fire, Tornado, and Evacuation drills every year to ensure that Students and Staff are familiar with what to do and where to meet. Starting in 2015, we are mandating that these drills be done with visiting Instructors during their Professional Development Day. Our visiting Instructors are familiar with the Emergency Bags and what Information they contain.

10. Missing Student: The need for a missing student notification is rare as our students seldom stay in the dormitory for 24 hours straight. On rare occasions, we may have a student who must stay past the 24 hour time frame. If we have a student who we know is in the dormitory fail to show up in class, we will send a staff member over to check on them. If the student is not there, we will use the contact information that we have on file to contact them. If we still cannot find them, and the 24 hour period has lapsed, we will report and turn over the search to the local police department immediately.

VII. Timely Warnings: Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. utilizes an incident form that can be used for the reporting of Crimes, accidents, or disciplinary action; a copy of this form can be seen in our hard copy of the Annual Crime Report, or viewed upon request. We keep these forms in one binder with each section clearly labeled. Amanda Miller will assist the student/staff in filling out the form and then turn it in to Herbert Hobbs, Administrator. When warranted, the Alexandria Police Department will be called. The Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. does not have any security personnel who have the authority to arrest or detain suspects; we do have a Campus Crime Director who they can report crimes to. We do encourage students/staff to dial 911 in any emergency situation. If at any point the Alexandria Police Department deems criminal activity on or off campus to be an ongoing threat to students and staff, Herbert Hobbs will make an announcement to the student body and faculty regarding the current situation. When warranted, we will utilize assistance from the Alexandria Police Department to assist in our efforts to maintain the safety and security of our school. We do offer a self defense course in our Level 2 curriculum. The primary point people are:

  • Amanda Miller – Campus Crime Officer / Financial Aid Director
  • Herbert Hobbs – Administrator/CEO

1. Preparing for Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics: The Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. has appointed Amanda Miller as their Campus Crime Director; Mrs. Miller gathers and compiles the required information by contacting the Chief Ellis requesting a breakdown of all crimes; Crime Report Binder includes a section for all correspondence. Mrs. Miller then takes the information and updates the campus survey page online and locks it. A copy of that survey is printed out and used to create the crime tables in the annual report. Once the tables are complete, the policies and procedures in the report are posted on the school’s website and all staff and students are notified by email and or announcement that the report is available and they are given the exact link to the report.

2. Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc Policies: As stated before, our campus is very small. We do not have off campus housing or activities and due to the fact that our students are only here two days at a time, we do not offer any after school functions or clubs. We have a dormitory facility that can house 4 male students and 5 female students. The first week of school, we go through the student binder and read out loud all of the school’s policies and procedures; the binder also includes the most recent crime statistics, the name of our counselor, Charles Gerber, and how to make arrangements to see him. The binder also states our zero tolerance on illegal drug use,alcohol use, and sexual misconduct, as well as, how to report any of these situations to the school. When the students make a report, they get to choose, in most cases, the course of action taken. Our biggest student concern each year is that a student is talking too much in class resulting in a learning distraction for other students. As briefly stated above, we do offer a self defense class during our Massage Therapy curriculum during Level 2. This is the only crime prevention program that we offer due to the fact that most of our students drive to school two days per week and if they do opt to stay overnight, it is generally for one night. With all of that being stated, our school will turn over all underage drinking and illegal drug use to the local police department and any student breaking our rules and policies will be handled by Herbert Hobbs, Administrator. Students who stay in the dormitory who have violated the rules on illegal drug use and alcohol use will lose the privilege of using the dormitory facility. The Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. has posted a bulletin board in each locker room with information on domestic violence such as, women’s shelters, medical facilities, domestic violence facts, and the school’s policy on sexual misconduct. The student binder contains a brochure on drug and alcohol addiction and where to find help.

VIII. Annual Security Report: All of our policies and procedures are contained under the different headings of this document. The crime statistics tables are in another file in this crime report. The files are labeled by what crime statistics are included in the tables i.e. VAWA, Hate Crimes, and Criminal Offenses.

IX. Report to ED via the Web-based Data Collection: The web-based data collection information has been submitted and locked-in. We have the certificate available to view in the hard copy of our Campus Crime Report binder.

X. Missing Student Notification Procedures: As stated earlier, we rarely have students who stay in the dormitory longer than one night due to the fact that they only have two full days of class per week. On the rare occasion that we do have an extended stay student, we are aware of their presence at the dorm as well as, when they are to be in class. If a student staying in the dormitory fails to show up for class, and they have not called to tell us that they won’t be in class, we send a staff member over to check on them. If the student is not at the dormitory, we start tracking them down by calling their cell phone, sending them an email, and calling the other numbers in their file; we have emergency contact numbers for every student in their file. If we fail to track them down and the 24 hour time frame lapses, we will immediately contact the local police department and let them take over the search. Staff members who may initiate the search are:

  • Amanda Miller – Campus Crime Director
  • Herbert Hobbs – Administrator
  • Jayne Miller – School Secretary

Herbert Hobbs, as the Administrator, will be the person in charge of contacting the local police when/if the student is missing for 24 hours.

XI. Fire Safety Log: The Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. keeps a hard copy fire log in the Campus Security Report Binder. When fires are reported, the log will be filled out as to when it was reported, the date and time of the fire, the nature of the fire, and the general location of the fire. We keep a fire log for the dormitory and for the school.

XII. Fire Safety Statistics: Below you will see Table 4.1 which shows the number of fires and fire related injuries and deaths for the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019.

XIII. Annual Fire Safety Report: Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. has purchased a house that has been converted into a Student Housing facility. Half of the house is for male students, and half of the house is for female students. Both have their own entrance, and do not share common space. The female side has a full kitchen and the male side has a small refrigerator, microwave, and toaster. There is no need for students to bring in additional appliances. If there is another appliance that the students need, the school will accept a request for the item and determine the necessity for that item. On the inside of the door for each side are the emergency numbers for the local police department, local fire department, and the phone numbers for Herbert and Ruthann Hobbs, Owners and controllers of the school. To report a problem, students are to call Herbert Hobbs first UNLESS there is an emergency. In the case of a fire, students are to evacuate the house, call 911 or the local fire department, and then they are to call Herbert Hobbs. The dormitory has a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher on each side. The Elwood Fire Equipment Company comes to inspect the fire extinguishers every year to ensure they are in proper working condition. If any fires are reported, they will be recorded in the fire log for use in the fire statistics and fire safety report on an annual basis. There are currently no fire drills in place specifically for the student housing. At this time there are no statistics that show this to be necessary; however, we are in the process of going through all of our policies and procedures to make any additions or changes. The Fire Statistics needed for this report are in the section above in Table 4.1.

This document concludes our Campus Crime Report for the 2019 year and includes our policies and procedures. A hard copy can be requested at any time at no cost. We at the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. are proud to offer the best Massage Therapy education in the State of Indiana and we always put our student’s safety and well being first.


 To Download a copy of this report in .pdf format, click here.