About Ruthann Hobbs


Ruthann Hobbs founded the Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics, Inc. (ASSTI), with the help of her husband, Herb, in 1982, in answer to her own complaints about standards in alternative health education.

After studying at a number of schools, Ruthann came to believe that she could improve standards for education and create a school that was supportive of its students and covered a wide range of health philosophies.

Education Qualifications of Director/Instructor Ruthann Hobbs

  • Joined the American Massage & Therapy Association, 1969
  • Passed and received Registry from A.M.T.A., 1972
  • Passed and received Certified Instructorship, 1979
  • Graduate of three A.M.T.A. approved schools, 1971, 1976, 1978
  • Registered Reflexologist with the Reflexologist's International, 1971
  • Pfrimmer Technique Deep Muscle Therapist Instructed by Therese C. Pfrimmer, 1979
  • Certified Iridologist instructed by Dr. Bernard Jensen of Escondido, California, 1980
  • Certified Instructor for the International Institute of Pfrimmer Deep Muscle TherapistsĀ® , 1981
  • Licensed Emergency Medical Technician for the State of Indiana, 1981
  • Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist-trained in Austria, 1985
  • Elected Chairperson of the Board - International Institute of Pfrimmer Deep Muscle TherapistsĀ®, 1985 - 1991
  • Served the State of Indiana Chapter of the A.M.T.A. as follows:
    • Board of Directors, 3 years
    • Secretary, 3 years
    • 1st Vice-President, 6 years
    • President, 3 years
  • Eastern District Director of the National A.M.T.A., 5 years
  • Member of Public Education Committee for A.M.T.A.
  • Chairman of National Law & Legislation Committee for State and National A.M.T.A., 5 years
  • Member of Public Relations Committee for the National A.M.T.A., 5 years